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One of the greatest pleasures we have as sales coaches is hearing about our clients’ victories. A recent success story came from a client who works with a number of global companies.

During a sales meeting his prospect mentioned an additional service they were considering. Most salespeople would see this as an opportunity to upsell. Typically, they would try to push the prospect into buying by endlessly speaking about all the great features and benefits of this service.

However, our client chose to question prospect’s buying motives, instead of pushing and forcing them into buying. Our client allowed the prospect to come to the decision themselves. Of course, this was done using a few our tools and techniques, including bonding and rapport, pendulum theory, reversing and dummy curve.

At the end, the prospect was almost trying to convince our client to sell them this service. Why is it that our client's approach was so successful?

Why do pushy salespeople annoy prospects?

They Never Stay Quiet

When was the last time you met a salesperson who stayed quiet for more than two minutes… Honestly, these people just can’t stop talking. That’s no wonder, they have been trained to talk about the features and benefits of their products, overcome any objection and close the sale. Prospects like to buy not being sold to. Think about your own buying habits. Do you like being sold to?

They Make You Feel Not OK

They are keen and determined to sell you their product, while all you can think of is how to get rid of them. You don’t feel comfortable when they are around, you might feel anxious, annoyed or frustrated at that super-friendly guy in a £1000 suit. He just doesn’t get your problem and has no interest in solving it. It feels that all he tries to do is gain power over you and close the sale at any cost.

They Won’t Leave You Alone

That’s exactly why we go in ‘hide’ mode as prospects. You suffer to the end of their sales pitch, nod politely and tell them that their proposal is great. In the hope of getting them sooner out the door, you tell them that there are a few things you need to check before confirming sometime next week… You know fine well that this is the last time you intend to speak to them. You shake hands and finally see them leave. Hide mode is activated.

As salespeople, we rarely think of how we make our prospects feel although their buying habits are no different to ours.

Next time you’re preparing for a meeting with your prospect take your sellers ‘hat’ off and put buyer’s one on.


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