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Are you getting the best out of your team? Or do you tend to deliver instead of them?

Ok, how about… What training did you receive, when you got the leadership or manager’s position? No doubt, you delivered excellent results as a team member. Perhaps you have grown your own business and are an expert in your field and, you now find yourself responsible for the performance of others. Irrespective of how you reached your position, it is important to ask yourself - Have I been trained to lead a team and get the most out of my team members?

During my own career with a major global organisation, I learned that the seeds of leadership and management failures are often hidden in:

  • Micromanagement of your team
  • Completion of various tasks yourself instead of your team member
  • Concentration of vast amounts of your energy on non-performers

Furthermore, I have also learned that those managers who are untrained will often focus on weaknesses (both their own and the team's weaknesses), ignoring strengths as an area of further development. In contrast to trained managers, who will structure positions around people’s strengths and will attract new team members, whose strengths lies within the weaknesses of the team.

Now, think about the questions below…

If you lost your biggest client, how would it affect your team/business?

If you were not there, would your most valuable client leave your company?

Do you ever hang on to people, who do not perform, because recruitment is a tedious task?

Do you tolerate non-performance because you do not want to upset anyone or initiate a conflict?

Do you ever complete the tasks instead of your team members, because you feel that it is easier to do so?

Do you get frustrated trying to manage a team?

Do you manage numbers instead of people?

Do you ever learn there is a problem when it is too late to do anything about?

Does management for you mean telling people what to do, constantly checking their work or doing their work for them?

Do you lose good people, when you eventually manage to hire them?

Do you work crazy, unsociable hours and feel tired on a regular basis?

If ‘yes’ was an answer to any of these questions, then you potentially have a very serious and costly problem. Have you ever considered that changing your leadership and management tactics could be the solution to your problems?

At Sandler Training Scotland, we understand the challenges you are facing as a leader and a manager. We have helped small, medium and large companies, operating in many different sectors, to grow their business by working with them to hire, develop and retain a team that their competitors can only dream of.

We are fully committed to our clients; therefore we are expecting our clients to be fully committed to taking action to tackle their challenges. It will take a lot of hard work, patience and honesty (we may ask you questions about your leadership and management tactics that might make you a little bit uncomfortable).

To help you overcome your management challenges, we would need to discuss this with you in person as each situation in unique. To find out more please contact us on 0141 353 6396 or email Lesley.mcluskey@sandler.com.  Although there are no ‘quick fixes’, our approach might save you a lot of money in the long run.

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