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Professional Development

As a sales training company based in Glasgow, we take part in many local business events. One thing we've noticed is that in Scotland, there are still too many misconceptions about sales training. Some might be valid; however, these misconceptions may be a major roadblock to reaching the business goals. 

Almost every successful business leader implements an effective selling system. Discover the deficiencies of your approach to sales and ways to fix that.

At Sandler, we understand a selling system as a process by which sales directors and business leaders can develop an opportunity from start to finish. Either closing the prospect’s file or closing the sale – then growing that relationship with systematic account management and referral generation.

How do you feel when you have to talk about the costs of your products and services? Many admit that feel very uncomfortable bringing up this subject with their prospects.

It is really common. A lot of us probably remember, how our parents taught us to not to talk about money.

You can not sell anyone anything until they discover that they want it! How to use Sandler tools to help your prospect see that they want to buy from you.

Almost every salesperson has learnt to handle their prospect's objections. Most salespeople assume that 'handling' objections is a significant part of any sales process. Hence the job of any great salesperson is to overcome them. 

Instead of 'handling' the objection understand the underlying reasons and deal with them. 

At Sandler sales training we believe in developing behaviours that guarantee long-term results. Our sales techniques are based on - asking good questions, allowing your prospect to do the talking and listening to what they say.