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Alan Mackie

How do you feel when you have to talk about the costs of your products and services? Many admit that feel very uncomfortable bringing up this subject with their prospects.

It is really common. A lot of us probably remember, how our parents taught us to not to talk about money.

You can not sell anyone anything until they discover that they want it! How to use Sandler tools to help your prospect see that they want to buy from you.

Having a selling system makes sales teams a lot more efficient. It helps business leaders to stay in control and replicate success while saving time and money.

For many salespeople the nearest they get to a selling system is ‘‘quote and hope’’. This includes endless follow-up calls to the prospect who always happens to be in a meeting or out of the office.

Almost every salesperson has learnt to handle their prospect's objections. Most salespeople assume that 'handling' objections is a significant part of any sales process. Hence the job of any great salesperson is to overcome them. 

Instead of 'handling' the objection understand the underlying reasons and deal with them. 

Are you or your salespeople stuck in the old-fashioned approach to bonding and rapport? Have you built a wall between you and your prospect?

One of the greatest pleasures we have as sales coaches - hearing about our clients’ victories. Why pushy salespeople don't succeed and what makes the award-winning Sandler sales approach so successful?

At Sandler sales training we believe in developing behaviours that guarantee long-term results. Our sales techniques are based on - asking good questions, allowing your prospect to do the talking and listening to what they say.

A big focus of Sandler Sales Management Training is hiring top-performing salespeople for your sales team. Learn about our award-winning hiring techniques.

From my experience, most salespeople fail due to the lack of listening and inability to ask great questions. Rather they waste time on long and exhausting chat about the features and the benefits of their products.

In our sales training courses, we often meet business leaders who tell us about the difficulties their sales teams have with getting their prospects to even consider changing their current suppliers.