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Sales professionals are increasingly using LinkedIn as a primary source of new leads and revenue. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people in a targeted way to add value to others, share insights, and build your network of prospects.

Are you struggling to leverage LinkedIn as a sales tool? Discover three tips that could help you to turn your cold leads into warm prospects

1. Create a client-focused profile

Use your profile to appeal to a specific target audience. If your LinkedIn profile bores people or makes them wonder what it is that you are trying to say - you're in trouble.
People buy emotionally and justify intellectually. Profiles that are something like 'Company X has been the market leader for Y long and we have expanded Z countries...' have little to no impact as it does not connect with the prospect emotionally. Create a powerful, high-impact message about yourself and the business you represent. Answer two vital questions - what we do and what problems can we help our customers solve.

2. Add at least one multi-media file to your profile

An effective way to grab your prospects attention is by adding multimedia content to your profile. Whether those are videos or past presentations. Go a step beyond telling your prospect what you can do. Show it to them. If you have not created any content yourself, your marketing department might be a good source for it.
Why not make a commitment in 2017 to add at least 1 multimedia file a month?

3. Include a compelling call to action.

The first section people see on LinkedIn profiles is the summary section. The fact that you are open to having a conversation with people who could benefit from having a professional relationship with your business must stand out. This is the first and most important call to action, yet often overlooked.
A good call to action could be - connect with me if you want to talk about X (X - the problem you solve or value you add to the business).

Sandler Scotland runs LinkedIn Masterclasses for everyone who sells for a living. The unique social selling methodology is created in collaboration between Sandler Training and LinkedIn. Click here to learn more.

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