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In today's market, it takes more than positive attitudes and charm to succeed in sales. It requires a systematic approach, successful behaviours and tools for maintaining control.
If you are looking to become more successful and powerful in sales, try these Sandler tools.

Do you ever wonder what your local competitor is doing to grow their business? Perhaps, you have noticed that they have tapped into your market share. You might be surprised to learn that it’s not only their product or value proposition. 

Here are three things you can learn from your most successful competitors: 

As a sales training company based in Glasgow, we take part in many local business events. One thing we've noticed is that in Scotland, there are still too many misconceptions about sales training. Some might be valid; however, these misconceptions may be a major roadblock to reaching the business goals. 

Business Leaders are expected to create a compelling vision. Implement strategies and techniques to support this vision. Hire and grow people who can bring these strategies to life.

Are great salespeople born or made? Anyone can become a salesperson. There is no real barrier for entering and progressing within sales. However, just because someone understands the product or service and can talk about it, doesn’t mean that they are good at sales.

Sales professionals are increasingly using LinkedIn as a primary source of new leads and revenue.

Hiring ideal candidates takes more than good instincts or luck. Hiring a high-performance team requires a systematic approach based on a comprehensive framework. Here are three red flags indicating that the candidate may spell trouble for your company.


Employees who are disconnected from company's goals are the biggest roadblock to achieving business goals. In most cases, it's not due to ill intentions. They do not feel personally motivated to achieve company's goals. There is no connection between what they want and what the company is trying to achieve.

December is often the time of the year when we reflect on what we have achieved this year and plan for the year ahead.

Typically, many people struggle to be clear about their goals and even argue about the benefit of setting them at all. After all, how many times have we let our goals and resolutions vanish into thin air by January 3rd?

To help with setting and achieving your goals in 2017 we are sharing some of our favourite tips we use at Sandler Scotland.

We are only a few short weeks away from finishing up for Christmas. How has your 2016 been? Are you on track for achieving your business goals? Perhaps, you are looking to improve the numbers while you still can?

Whatever your situation, here are 3 real-life strategies for finishing 2016 strongly and getting a great start on 2017.